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We offer our workshops to your service in order to perform individual or community work in the branch you choose according to your understanding of art. You can work with our experienced artists as part of the workshops. During your works, you can stimulate your social relationships and contribute to your personal development.

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Artistik Studio

A warm enviroment where you can blow your steam off and improve yourself, Artistic Studio

Artistic Studio is making you meet it’s own experience on art on every field of art with an extraordinary concept. We are presenting most of the art branches with our extremely experienced and Professional artists using high technology equipments. While doing this, we are executing social distance rules properly in our face-to-face works.

As Artistic Studio our purpose is helping you blow your steam off under the rules of new health rules and improve yourself. What is making our concept extraordinary is; providing our services ar out 3-floor villa with 3 different ways. Those ways are; workshops, master classes and studio recordings. You can experience wide range of art branches that we offer with or withour your friends.

We are providing necessary studio equipments for your studio recordings. You can be Professional or amateur, no matter what you can get an appointment from us for your studio recordings. Our master classes are much more suitable for face-to-face music, handcrafting and stage art experiences.

What Are We Doing

Our Artistik Workshops

Drama Workshop

As Artistik Studio; we are offering a drama experience that supports your self-improvement regardless what your age is. Anybody that curious about art at the age of 7 and above can experience our Drama Workshop. This experince brings different benefits for different ages. But most of the benefits are about self-improvement. If we can say some of them; being able to create awareness, improvement of empathy and developing communication skills.

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Theater Workshop

Theatre is the most important legacy of art from Ancient Greeks. We are offering our Theatre Workshop to your services.

Theatre Workshop that you will experience under the Artistik Studio roof is the best way to improve yourself. Theatre’s importance comes from it’s interwoven structure with other art branches.

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Music Workshop

Workshop is experiencing new techniques while socializing and improving own with a group of people. It also includes blowing the steam off of hard-working and Daily routines. Music workshops are extremely beneficial for your musical experience without regarding your level of musical experience. Because every experience opens a new window to your mind.

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Master Class

Concept of Master Class is well-accepted concept by world. From past to today’s musical taste, it is a musical experience and technique sharing. In master classes; our artist who works for most of their life on music shares their own unique techniques and experiences.

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Painting workshop

Painting is one of the stunning branches of art. From cave-wall painting to modern day paintings, it has a long history. With that long backstory of painting, it will make you feel satisfaction.

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Ebru Workshop

Ebru is a worldwide known art branch for centuries. From Ottoman Empire to Europe, ebru is spread among the world. Ebru is also known as ‘Turkish Paper’ in Europe.

Ebru is like colours dancing with a Turkish timbre. We are making you experience ebru with our Professional artists. We believe you will discover your inner artist in our Ebru Workshops.

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Cold Ceramic Workshop

Cold Ceramic requires practice and a handcraft that needs hardworking from the beginning to ending. In our Cold Ceramic Workshop, you will experience every step of this handcraft.

With Cold Ceramic Workshop you can make your own souvenirs. Our artists will be working with you at every step in Artistik Studio. You can work on techniques like relief and masking on glasses. You can give as a gift or use at home the art pieces that you made. You can work on minimal or standart sizes.

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Sculpture Workshop

Heykel yapmak, tıpkı tiyatro gibi çok uzun süredir dünya sanat tarihinin bir parçası. Ayrıca kişisel gelişim ve zihinsel rahatlama için de oldukça uygun bir araç.

Sculpture is a part of art history for a long time, like theatre. Also a perfect tool for personel improvement and mental relieving.

As Artistik Studio we are providing Sculpture Workshop services for youth and adult age groups. We are using clay and mud in our workshop. With the help of our Professional artists, you will witness evolution of clay and mud to sculpture.

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Organic Soap Workshop

In our Organic Soap Workshop, you can produce the most important part of our hygene; soap. But you can make your own soap with completely organic materials.

Every soap you bought from markets are higly toxicated. But you can specify which materials you will include and even colors with the help of Artistik Studio. Best part of Organic Soap Studio is you will use only organic components.

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