Drama Workshop

Drama is one of the important branches of theatre art that helps people self-improve. From ancient times to nowadays, drama is an experience that supports imagination skills and helps people gain self-improveness.

As Artistik Studio; we are offering a drama experience that supports your self-improvement regardless what your age is. Anybody that curious about art at the age of 7 and above can experience our Drama Workshop. This experince brings different benefits for different ages. But most of the benefits are about self-improvement. If we can say some of them; being able to create awareness, improvement of empathy and developing communication skills.

Another benefit that drama offers is impromptu. With you improvising in Drama Workshop, you will be able to look from different perspectives to world.

Drama will help your child’s self-esteem while revealing the real artist in her/him. With our artist’s own unique techniques we are helping your kids imagination’s improve and being an individual that has an important place in her/his social circle.

In adult workshops our drama artists can plot a route that helps you self-improve. Doing that with the help of Artistik Studio can earn you new friends in a warm and social distance ruled workshops.

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